Google Earth .kml file of our delivery route

Interested in seeing our delivery route in Google Earth? Click Here. Note that some position plots were not completely correct, but it's close enough and gives an excellent idea of our route.



Delivery - Day #4

From Monterey on we were in fast water, making 6.6 kt on average the rest of the way to the Gate, making for a fast ride.

At 0549 we turned our final leg towards the entrance to San Francisco Bay, a full day ahead of schedule!

Our final day breakfast, a little bit of everything whipped up by Charlie and devoured by all:

Scott finishing his morning cup of coffee:

Another gorgeous day as we approach the Gate while motorsailing, trying to stay ahead of an inbound tanker:

Randy taking a quick snooze:

Once clear of the commercial traffic we killed the engines and took a quick tour of Alcatraz:

The storm we were watching was just moving in... Perfect timing!

This picture is notable because it's the first monohull, of many to come, that we overtook under sail :-)

Repairing damage to the Bay Bridge caused by the Cosco Busan:

The Cosco Busan with repairs underway:

All smiles as we approach the marina:

A final moment of fun as Randy tests out the davits, cleaning out the dingy which caught a few orange peels.

We were quite happy to have completed the voyage so quickly and without any issues. Thank you Charlie, Matt, and Randy - looking forward to the next opportunity to sail with you guys!

The entire photo album from delivery can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/lscotte/Jane_O_Delivery?authkey=vaYeXFx7i8I


Delivery - Day #3

A pod of about 20 dolphins swam and played along the bow, trailing phosphorescence as they swam, which Charlie and Matt enjoyed. Unfortunately Randy and I had just gone off watch and were asleep in our bunks.

Point Sur:

We put the sails up for a couple of hours again. It was a wet and wild ride as we tacked away from land and into the chop, as waves broke across our bow splashing back into the cockpit. It was great, and we again recorded SOG of 7.6 kt in about 15 kt true wind on the beam.

Scott at the helm under sail:

Seas were bumpy at night, and saw just one other boat, the first since leaving the Santa Barbara Channel.

At 2302 we altered course out of the Monterey Bay for our next leg up the coast.


Delivery - Day #2

Our second day out was another quiet and easy trip as we rounded Point Conception and made towards San Luis Obispo.

Charlie and Matt hanging out as a couple of container ships steam past:

Randy enjoying the view and beautiful sunny day:

We raised the sails for a couple of hours and had a great sail. We got her up to 7.4 kt in about 13 kt true wind speed on a beam reach. She was really flying along.

The seas got quite a bit rougher as we rounded Point Conception and entered the open ocean. The Privilege handled the seas quite nicely, though it was a bit bouncy and was accompanied by a fair amount of bridgedeck slamming. It wasn't bad enough to keep Randy and I awake in the forward berths.

At 2235 we altered course out away from San Luis Obispo towards Monterey Bay.


Delivery - Day #1

Well we are on our way! It's Thursday afternoon and we've slipped the lines, fueled up the boat, and are headed out of King Harbor. The first leg of the trip was uneventful as we steamed up Santa Barbara Channel towards Point Conception.

Here we are leaving King Harbor:

A final look back at the harbor:

Chris and Jake waving us off from the sea wall. See you in San Francisco!


Provisioning for Delivery

We are doing final provisioning, preparations, and repairs so we can leave Thursday. This should put is into San Francisco Monday, December 17th if all goes well. There are some storms we've been watching, fortunately Jane O has weatherfax onboard, which allows us to receive weather maps and forecasts.

What we won't have, unfortunately, is radar! The old Furuno radar that came with Jane O is non-functional. We purchased a fancy new Raymarine C70 radar/chartplotter/sonar/satellite weather/etc unit, but discovered that the smallest radome is too large to fit where the old Furuno radome is. I was pretty bummed to see us loading it in the car for Chris to to drive up to San Francisco. I still think we should have mounted it on the roof of the Subaru - that would have been cool on I-5.

Here are a couple pictures of Charlie going up the mast to check the rigging with Matt assisting.

Chris did a great job provisioning, we loaded up the fridge, freezer, and several cabinets with a ton of food.


sea scout tree lot

For Sea Scouts we have been having a tree lot in Los Altos. It is lots of fun. I've sold many trees and meeting a lot of people. We sell trees like Noble Fir, Grand Fir and Douglas Fir. we sell trees from 11 feet to 3 feet. We got a 4 foot tree. It is so much fun in Sea Scouts.


We've taken ownership of Jane O!

We have now officially taken ownership of Jane O. On Monday, Dec 11th we head to Redondo Beach for provisioning and outfitting to bring her home. I'll keep a log and post pictures of the trip upon our return.

We researched a lot of boats, looked at hundreds of pictures, emailed with various brokers on a bunch, and looked at four in person. We looked at:

Prout 37
Victory 35
St. Francis 43
Privilege 39

All these boats had various pluses and minuses. In the end we think we are going to be really happy on the Privilege. It's very well outfitted, with bonuses like watermaker and diesel genset. The previous owner was a cruiser, and he really outfitted this boat as a very livable cruiser.

Delivery should be really exciting, beating our way North this time of year. I'm sure we'll have some stories to tell.
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