Delivery - Day #2

Our second day out was another quiet and easy trip as we rounded Point Conception and made towards San Luis Obispo.

Charlie and Matt hanging out as a couple of container ships steam past:

Randy enjoying the view and beautiful sunny day:

We raised the sails for a couple of hours and had a great sail. We got her up to 7.4 kt in about 13 kt true wind speed on a beam reach. She was really flying along.

The seas got quite a bit rougher as we rounded Point Conception and entered the open ocean. The Privilege handled the seas quite nicely, though it was a bit bouncy and was accompanied by a fair amount of bridgedeck slamming. It wasn't bad enough to keep Randy and I awake in the forward berths.

At 2235 we altered course out away from San Luis Obispo towards Monterey Bay.

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