Delivery - Day #4

From Monterey on we were in fast water, making 6.6 kt on average the rest of the way to the Gate, making for a fast ride.

At 0549 we turned our final leg towards the entrance to San Francisco Bay, a full day ahead of schedule!

Our final day breakfast, a little bit of everything whipped up by Charlie and devoured by all:

Scott finishing his morning cup of coffee:

Another gorgeous day as we approach the Gate while motorsailing, trying to stay ahead of an inbound tanker:

Randy taking a quick snooze:

Once clear of the commercial traffic we killed the engines and took a quick tour of Alcatraz:

The storm we were watching was just moving in... Perfect timing!

This picture is notable because it's the first monohull, of many to come, that we overtook under sail :-)

Repairing damage to the Bay Bridge caused by the Cosco Busan:

The Cosco Busan with repairs underway:

All smiles as we approach the marina:

A final moment of fun as Randy tests out the davits, cleaning out the dingy which caught a few orange peels.

We were quite happy to have completed the voyage so quickly and without any issues. Thank you Charlie, Matt, and Randy - looking forward to the next opportunity to sail with you guys!

The entire photo album from delivery can be viewed at http://picasaweb.google.com/lscotte/Jane_O_Delivery?authkey=vaYeXFx7i8I

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