Provisioning for Delivery

We are doing final provisioning, preparations, and repairs so we can leave Thursday. This should put is into San Francisco Monday, December 17th if all goes well. There are some storms we've been watching, fortunately Jane O has weatherfax onboard, which allows us to receive weather maps and forecasts.

What we won't have, unfortunately, is radar! The old Furuno radar that came with Jane O is non-functional. We purchased a fancy new Raymarine C70 radar/chartplotter/sonar/satellite weather/etc unit, but discovered that the smallest radome is too large to fit where the old Furuno radome is. I was pretty bummed to see us loading it in the car for Chris to to drive up to San Francisco. I still think we should have mounted it on the roof of the Subaru - that would have been cool on I-5.

Here are a couple pictures of Charlie going up the mast to check the rigging with Matt assisting.

Chris did a great job provisioning, we loaded up the fridge, freezer, and several cabinets with a ton of food.

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