We've taken ownership of Jane O!

We have now officially taken ownership of Jane O. On Monday, Dec 11th we head to Redondo Beach for provisioning and outfitting to bring her home. I'll keep a log and post pictures of the trip upon our return.

We researched a lot of boats, looked at hundreds of pictures, emailed with various brokers on a bunch, and looked at four in person. We looked at:

Prout 37
Victory 35
St. Francis 43
Privilege 39

All these boats had various pluses and minuses. In the end we think we are going to be really happy on the Privilege. It's very well outfitted, with bonuses like watermaker and diesel genset. The previous owner was a cruiser, and he really outfitted this boat as a very livable cruiser.

Delivery should be really exciting, beating our way North this time of year. I'm sure we'll have some stories to tell.

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