Paradise Cove

Sean from S/V Adventure showed me Paradise Cove in 2006 when we had a guys night out on his Catalina 42, so it seemed like a good place to anchor for the night when Megan came down. (Happy Birthday Megan!).

Jacob was on SSS Challenger for a weekend cruise so wasn't with us, but we buzzed Angel Island and waved to him as they were docked at Ayala Cove. They were going to join us at Paradise Cove for the night, but went to assist the USCG on a distressed vessel near the San Rafael bridge and ended up staying at Richmond for the night.

Here's a few pictures of our trip back on Sunday. Not nearly as sunny and warm as we had hoped, and we have a fancy Balmar alternator that seems to be failing and took out it's V-belt as we were right in front of San Francisco. It's times like these I'm glad we've got two engines. We kept motoring along under one engine while I was down in the engine room repairing the other one.

I'm not sure if Ginger at the helm counts as having capable crew on watch:

Megan bundled up:

Some various scenery pictures:

View this album at http://picasaweb.google.com/lscotte/Paradise_Cove20080217?authkey=nWNKlHaBYa0

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