Sea Scout Tree Lot is OPEN!

Yep, it's that time of the year again! The annual Sea Scout Chistmas Tree Lot is open in Palo Alto, CA.

This tree lot is a primary fundraiser for Ship #145-SSS Challenger and Ship #51-SSS Intrepid, and as always lots of high-quality trees of different varieties.

This year the lot is at the corner of Alma St. and E. Meadow Dr. in Palo Alto.


Hike in desert canyons at Painted Canyon

A great 6.5 mile hike near Mecca, CA. Painted Canyon is an amazing set of desert canyons with many trails, including the Ladder Trail which winds through 100' tall rock fissures, finally coming out on top with a great panoramic view of the valley and Salton Sea.



Thanksgiving Day Hike in Cap Homme / Ralph Adams Park

Took a quick hike up a nearby mountain in Palm Desert at Cap Homme / Ralph Adams Park on Thanksgiving Day morning. Ready for turkey and all the other goodies now!


Happy Thanksgiving from the crew of Jane'O!!


Golden Gate Video Medley

Some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from various locations including the North observation area, but mostly from the Marin Headlands.

Point Bonita 360

360 degree pan from Point Bonita, on the cliffs just above the lighthouse.

Raptor Hunting a Mouse at Point Bonita

A ride on the Nike Missile elevator

This was really neat - we got to take a trip on the Nike Missile Elevator. (Note this happened in a different order, but I edited it saving the best for last).


Jacob takes Ginger for another dingy ride

Just a fun silly clip of Jacob and Ginger in a borrowed dingy.

The sound of the 2-stroke in the background is in stark contrast to the silent electric motor on the dingy. Didn't even notice it while recording.


Washington Sunset

Scott had a great opportunity to crew on a delivery from Washington to Oregon. The trip across the Columbia Bar was rather crazy, with 20+ feet breaking waves. No video of that, but here's an incredibly awesome sunset along the Washington coast.


Birds at Westpoint Slough

A whole bunch of noisy birds flying in formation in Westpoint Slough. On each ebb tide hundreds of birds would come and do this as land was revealed by the outgoing tide.


Interesting discussion about marketing and customer service by African Cats/FastCat

Various companies have different approaches to how they market their products and do post-sales customer service. How would you feel about a company that promises boats or systems for years that they never deliver, meanwhile submitting articles to every possible magazine, blog, and sailing site suggesting these products are already in production? What about a company who advertises other manufacturer's products as their own? If you buy a boat from a manufacturer would you expect the CEO's wife to go on a personal attack against you because you posted issues with the boat on your blog? Would you buy a boat from a company who threatens legal action against people discussing these topics?

Gideon Goudsmit and Suzan Groeneveld of African Cats seem to consider this business as normal. Is this the sort of company you really want to do business with? Would you buy a FastCat from them? Not me!!

Take a look at this thread at the Multihulls4us forum as well as Butterfly and Barnacle's blog.

UPDATE 08/18: It seems that African Cats may be threatening legal action against their own customers for discussing quality issues. I have no words for this...


Returning the Sunfish to SSS Challenger

After about year with the Sunfish, it's time to return it to the SSS Challenger for Summer Cruise. We varnished the tiller and centerboard, and did some fiberglass patching on a few spots.


A daysail out the gate

Had a great daysail out the gate with some friends. Pretty calm conditions, but had a great time. Did some MOB drills and general offshore training. Good stuff!!


Jacob at the "Your Name Here" Sea Scout Regatta

Jacob and Tristan did some great sailing in the "Your Name Here" Regatta. They represented Challenger, Ship #145 and did really great! They came in 6th overall, qualifying in 3rd place from Northern California - meaning they can very likely go to the International Sea Scout Regatta next year on the East Coast!!

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New hatch frames

While visiting the folks in Wyoming, my dad made new frames for two of our salon hatches which had started to delaminate due to water damage. My dad's got an amazing shop with all the tools needed for this sort of a project. The hatches were made out of teak with a bit of a history (this teak was purchased in the 80's by Atari, believe it or not). Here's a couple of pictures dry fitting them after sanding, along with one of the "wood" side of the shop. Don't have pictures of them varnished and permanently installed yet.

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Day sail with Hans and Anna

We rented a sailboat from one of the local sailing clubs with our friends Hans and Anna for the day. Had a great time with wonderful company...

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Challenger takes first at 2009 Old Salts Regatta

Congratulations Challenger, another first place regatta!

Pictures thanks to Hans S.


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Challenger takes first at 2009 Seafarer's Regatta

Sea Scout Ship 145 - Challenger took 1st place at the 2009 Seafarer's Regatta. Well done guys!

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Sailing with Ray and Carrie

We had a great sail with Ray and Carrie when they came to visit with us for a few days.


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