Interesting discussion about marketing and customer service by African Cats/FastCat

Various companies have different approaches to how they market their products and do post-sales customer service. How would you feel about a company that promises boats or systems for years that they never deliver, meanwhile submitting articles to every possible magazine, blog, and sailing site suggesting these products are already in production? What about a company who advertises other manufacturer's products as their own? If you buy a boat from a manufacturer would you expect the CEO's wife to go on a personal attack against you because you posted issues with the boat on your blog? Would you buy a boat from a company who threatens legal action against people discussing these topics?

Gideon Goudsmit and Suzan Groeneveld of African Cats seem to consider this business as normal. Is this the sort of company you really want to do business with? Would you buy a FastCat from them? Not me!!

Take a look at this thread at the Multihulls4us forum as well as Butterfly and Barnacle's blog.

UPDATE 08/18: It seems that African Cats may be threatening legal action against their own customers for discussing quality issues. I have no words for this...

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