Half Moon Bay trip Day 2

We had planned on heading out the gate and down to Half Moon Bay today, but we decided to wait a day due to predicted high winds and large, steep, short interval waves across the bar and offshore. The forecast looks better for tomorrow, so we just hung out on the boat for the day and during the afternoon fueled up the boat at the Clipper fuel dock, then anchored out at the mouth of the bay so we could get an early start without worrying about being grounded. It's significantly more rolly at the mouth, and the waves tend to be on the beam.

Most of Richardson Bay is very shallow, just a few feet deep. One of the advantages of having a shallow draft (just under 4 feet) is that we can anchor in places many other sailboats cannot. And when the tide grounds us, we remain upright, with our two hulls supporting us.

Ginger, who isn't a fan of sailing, found a new "safe place" by sleeping in the kayak. I think she was disappointed when we had to lash it back on the rail. See the video for this, it's pretty funny.

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