Half Moon Bay trip Day 3

Finally the weather has improved enough to go out. Actually a little too improved as winds were light so it was a slow trip down, at 3-4kts for a most of the trip. With our ripped main, we were limited to 2nd and 3rd reef for the entire trip, which made sailing a challenge in light airs.

We timed our trip out the gate with an ebb tide, but still cheated by motor sailing until we got to mile rock or so, as we dodged big ships. I forgot to charge the video camera, so the battery died right as we got to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We made it in to Half Moon Bay just fine, and had no trouble finding plenty of room to anchor - I expected more boats to be here, but we were really glad there weren't all that many. The entrance to Piller Point has some nasty reefs, but it's really not difficult during the day - you just have to pay attention to your charts and the nav aids.

At the entrance to the breakwater we came across a couple of Laser sailboats stuck on the rocks along the jetty, who signaled they needed help. We contacted the USCG over VHF and stayed on scene until the Pillar Point Harbor boat came and rescued them.

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