Half Moon Bay trip Day 5

Our trip back into San Francisco Day started out a bit frustrating, as a stopper knot came out of one of the lazy jack lines, leaving it whipping around the topping lift - leaving no choice but to pull it through the sheave. Now, somebody (Jacob?) will need to go up the mast to re-rig it. Just one more, of several, jobs to do up the mast. After that, we spent an hour or two pretty much bobbing around in no wind, but eventually got the boat in it's groove and settled in for a nice sail north.

As we came across the southern part of the bar, winds continued to build and we saw the fastest boat speed yet in our boat - 11.6kts as we rode the flood in, pushed by the high afternoon winds! This was a lot of fun and a bit tricky in the quartering waves. Most of the run in the gate was at a solid 9-10kts until we turned the corner, getting in the wind shadow of the Marin Headlands.

Chris took great video of our high-speed run down the channel and under the Golden Gate Bridge. We anchored in Richardson Bay again for the night.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome ride -- a drag race for sure, just a shame you didn't have a mono to race against! :D Randii


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