Half Moon Bay trip Day 6

Our final day of vacation :-(

We got some good sightseeing in on the final sail, back to the marina.

Watching all the tourists get off the ferry to tour Alcatraz is always interesting, watching how many people they cram into the ferries. We'll be touring Alcatraz in a few weeks, so we'll be one of those people, taking video from the other side!

There were several warships visiting San Francisco, which we really enjoyed. First, we passed three Japanese ships. Second, was the USS Bunker Hill CG52, and finally a visiting Russian warship. Got some good video of all the ships, which were really neat to see.

There's some funny video in this clip of how to exercise teenagers and dogs at the same time - with Jacob kayaking circles around the boat, and Ginger chasing him around and around on deck.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention Ginger and her "sleeve". It was a bit cold out in the pacific, so Chris cut up an old sweatshirt making the dog a makeshift bit of clothing, which we referred to as her sleeve. She was a bit self-conscious about modelling her new wardrobe on video!

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