Update on a few items

1. Our 60# Manson Supreme anchor is great - now to be fair, Bay mud is not challenging, but the thing dug in and stopped the boat cold - instantly. Our Fortress always skipped along a bit.

2. The Bullet2HP high-power WIFI worked surprisingly well! It saw 30+ access points off China Camp, and I was able to hit an open one to submit a yotreps location report. Quite nice.

3. Good thing we are getting new sails soon, as we blew out our main coming back Monday! 3rd reef sailed us home, and possibly 2nd is still usable. Although the sail was old and starting to rot along the leech, I think I overtightened a batten - one that kept falling out of it's car so I give it a bit extra - but hey, it didn't fall out! :-) The sail tore out all the way from the leech line to the mast. Ouch. As ourfriend Jeff said, "Freakin' S.F. Bay sailing -- shows no mercy."

4. Really enjoyed Jacob's new kayak over the weekend - an OK Caper. At only 45 pounds, it's easy to move around and lash on the lifelines. But it's still wide and stable, and long enough to be a decent paddler. Ginger loves going for rides on it. Good bit of gear! We picked it up used, a former rental, from one of the local Kayak places.

5. After the winter's maintenance of a valve adjustment, new injector, new starter, and water pump, our Fischer Panda generator is starting right up instantly. Happy to have it working reliably again.

6. After going back and forth a bunch of times on various designs, we're going with 3x Kyocera 135Watt panels and a Blue Sky 3024iL controller. I was looking at a bigger array, and fancy Outback controller but it would require beefing up the davits, and that's not happening right now. This will keep the boat alive (freezer, fridge, autopilot, maybe TV or bit of watermaker) and we've got the generator to top off.

7. We are doing the Baja Haha for sure! We've also learned a former beercan race crewmate Craig has signed up, so good there will be somebody we know! Now I'm stuck on trying to come up with the witty+publishable things about the crew and boat they want. I'm not sure what part is harder - being witty or making them publishable :-)

Thanks to workmate Ian who took the two pictures above as we went under the San Mateo-Hayward bridged heading up to China Camp for Memorial Day Weekend. Poor suckers stuck in the building at work! :-)

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  1. Beautiful Boat!! Glad to hear the genset is purring along.If you are interested in downloading a .pdf version of your manual or need to order spares you can always go to our website http;//www.fischerpanda.com

    Please feel free to contact me if you need anything and happy sailing. I look forward to the updates on Facebook and here.

    Jeff Till
    Fischer Panda USA


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