Our new mainsail

Here's some video of our new main being built by Leading Edge Sails in San Mateo, CA.

This is a big, and complicated fully-roached sail, about 550 sq feet. Lots of hardware - full length battens, battcars, slides, and 3 reef points.

We have been really impressed with Joe Rushka at Leading Edge Sails. It's a small loft, but high-quality materials and workmanship. Our sail was sewn onsite using 10oz Dacron from Challenge Sailcloth. We have lots of choices for sailmakers here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and were impressed from the beginning with Leading Edge. Joe is all about good quality and good service, and he's just a heck of a good guy to buy sails from. He came out to the boat to take rig measurements, and took our sails back to the loft to make sure the design was right. He adopted some good design features from our original French sails, improved it in several high-stress areas with additional patches (for example the area where our old sail ripped), and the overall cut is more modern. In the end we'll have a custom, handcrafted sail.

The sail will be delivered Friday morning, and tested on the water this weekend. But Leading Edge doesn't get to rest after finishing this project, as our new genoa is next!

If you are looking for new sails, or need to repair your old ones, give Joe Rushka a call at 650-347-0795 and let him know we sent you!

Note the video has no audio

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