Paradise Cove trip

We did an overnight trip to Paradise Cove with Chuck, Jean, and Dani as crew. Gave the new main it's first workout (which due to usual July SF Bay conditions meant 1st and 2nd reef). Everything went just great, even if it was a long beat with wind on the nose the whole trip. Can't wait for the new genoa!

Paradise Cove was less of a paradise than normal, with the NW wind blowing through. We thought about moving up to China Camp for Saturday night hoping for better conditions, but decided to head home Saturday instead, as we had a few things to do on Sunday.

On the way back, we saw a kite surfer (parasailor?) in the water just south of the San Mateo Bridge and contacted the Coast Guard over the VHF. We didn't see anyone in the water, and ultimately it was determined to have come from the 3rd Ave area where all the kitesurfers and windsurfers come from, and eventually someone on a PWC came and collected it. This is the second time we have contacted USGC to assist someone else - all part of improving our VHF skills. I guess they were probably happy to have some expensive gear back. You can see what 20-25kts of wind looks like in the south bay, and how much fetch (wind waves) there is.

Here's the video with a bit of all the above - raising the new main, Paradise Cove, the sail back, and the kite assist.

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