Day 1 of bottom paint

After getting hauled, Ventura Harbor Boatyard washed the hull and removed the rudders, props, and shafts. We've known our engine mounts were not in great shape for quite some time, but we've noticed during the trip down a significant amount of vibration and that they need to be replaced. After replacing the mounts, it requires the propshafts be re-aligned, and as long as those bits were apart it made sense to rebuild the shaft packings, inspect the cutlass bearings, and rebuild the props. Much work and expense, but will result in all the mechanics being inspected and rebuilt, so in good shape for many years to come.

After drying out the hull, the boatyard sanded down the old bottom paint, and after giving some more time for the hull to dry, found a weeping blister in the hull. After grinding, it was determined to be a previous repair of a blister that was poorly bonded to the hull, resulting in some water intrusion. Fortunately it was only into a small bit of the foam core, and dryed out within a few hours. Albert, one of the awesome guys at the yard, then reglassed and filled the void - when all done it will be one of the strongest parts of the boat!

While chipping off some more old paint, I found a couple more spots that needed to be ground and refilled - one was another poorly done previous repair, a second was a weeping blister which Albert ground down and found to be a non issue. After adding some epoxy filler to these spots, the bottom is in really good shape!

Today we started painting - with first coat on just the waterline and leading edges. Tomorrow, we'll have a full coat on the entire hull.

Here's a few pictures of painting:

Here's Albert preparing the blister void:

And for anyone who doesn't read our facebook, here's pictures of the blister repair. If you aren't familiar with fiberglass repairs, this looks a lot worse than it really is. In order to get good bonding and allow the core to dry out, the proper way to repair a wet blister is grind a large area out, then rebuild the hull from the inside out using fiberglass for the skin on both side, and solid epoxy filler for the core:

Here's another picture, after the inside skin was repaired and void filled with epoxy filler:

Things are progressing pretty well, though this has left us in Ventura longer than expected, with no car to get groceries (and everything is pretty far away from the marina). Engine mounts (R&D from PYI) and dripless shaft rebuild kits (PSS, also from PYI)  should arrive tomorrow, so the mechanical guys will start to reassemble all the propulsion bits soon. Once that and the painting is done we'll be ready to splash and head off to the Channel Islands, probably early next week!

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