Enjoying great weather in Half Moon Bay

The weather here in Half Moon Bay the past couple of days has been warm and sunny. Really enjoyable. On Friday we mostly-motored to Richardson Bay where we could more easily time our exit out the Golden Gate. Saturday morning we we went out on the backside of the flood with calm seas and calm winds. The sail down to Half Moon Bay consisted of motor sailing most of the way, though we had some nice, but light, winds for a couple of hours and were finally able to test the new genoa - which is working great! Eventually the wind shut off, so we dropped the sails and motored the final couple of miles into HMB.

The anchorage was really packed, but we found room near the beach and sea wall. On Sunday, we met up with Jim and Mike of San Jose Sailing Club which we joined recently, and had a great Italian dinner at one of the local restaurants, followed by some chit-chat on Jim's boat.

There is no direct dock access to the Half Moon Bay Yacht Club. Instead, there's a moored dingy dock with an electric ferry that runs from the dock to the beach. Really neat, and fun watching everyone try to jump aboard, or to shore between waves.

Since daybreak there's been a constant stream of boats headed out - probably 1/4 as many boats in the anchorage as there were 24 hours ago! We'll be here for a couple of more days, then it's off to Santa Cruz and Monterey for us.

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