A few more pictures from Half Moon Bay

In just the couple of days we've been at Half Moon Bay we've already met three other Baja Haha bound boats - ValparaisoCamelot, and Hand Full, and we could have met 5 or 6 more had we gone around the anchorage visiting everyone flying Baja Haha burgees. So far everyone has been really, really great and we are looking forward to running into these same folks, and more, as we continue our trip down the coast. Hand Full has a couple of other teenagers aboard, so Jacob enjoyed talking with them for a couple of hours. And Valparaiso has a 19 year old aboard - it will be great for him to have some friends for the trip!

We are glad we took advantage of the nice sunny and warm weather yesterday, as today the fog has rolled back in and it's cold and dreary once again.

In the afternoon on Monday we took a walk up on the bluff between all the radar dishes and HMB airport.

That's our boat, the right-most one
Beautiful ocean vista
Jacob and Chris
Chris and Scott
And here's a view of the old pier in the evening, as the light was just perfect in the calm, warm evening:
Old pier
Click here for the full album of Half Moon Bay pictures.

Tomorrow in the early morning we plan to head for Santa Cruz, and then to Monterey. Check back for our next blog entry!


  1. nice jacket scott. I think I have seen one like it some were

  2. It's my favorite one Ray! GO KENNEDY TROJANS!!!


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