Watching your home lifted out of the water and set on blocks is quite an experience. We are at Ventura Harbor Boatyard for a few days for bottom paint and repairs - some planned and others unexpected, uncovered during our trip down the coast, or required due to removal of other parts.

Everyone at the boatyard has been great and easy to work with, which has been really nice. Currently Jane'O sits on the hard, with no rudders and no shafts. Jacob and I replaced three seacocks which needed to be replaced, two of which were for the head - dealing with boat sewage hose is always fun, Jacob really enjoyed the smell. Once the boatyard folks sand off the old bottom paint, we'll paint her bottom and buff and wax the topsides. The boatyard is also replacing engine mounts, which requires removing the shafts, which requires removing the rudders - a big job, but when done everything below the waterline will be in much better shape.

Here's some pictures of her in the travel lift, and video of the whole haulout. Can't wait to get her back in the water where she belongs!

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