On our way to Santa Cruz

Last night, after an incredible dinner and great conversation with our new friends aboard Valparaiso, we came back to Jane'O and prepped for an early(ish) morning departure - removed the outboard and raised the dingy, stowed the kayak, etc. We didn't actually make it out Pillar Point Harbor until 8am, but everything worked out, pretty much.

The morning was foggy and drizzly, so we got pretty wet. With no wind, we didn't bother putting up the sails, just motored along. By 1pm the sun was shining, we took off the foulies, and the wind had started to come in, though still very light - so we hoisted the spinnaker and had a great run under it alone for a couple of hours. We neglected to notice the wind continue to strengthen as we should have (plus we were making a nice 7 kts), and 2 hours later had a pretty good fight getting the thing back in it's sock. And of course right at this time we found ourselves in a string of crab pots. These are the things that make us stronger and better people, right?!?

Now we've got the anchor down just off the Santa Cruz pier and beach boardwalk, listening to the Sea Lions doing their thing. It's still windy, at 20kts steady, and a bit bumpy. Weather reminds us a bit more like San Francisco Bay than we expected, but we're here just for the night, then it's off to Monterey in the AM.

Just off Pigeon Point

Colored sail! aka "Trouble in a bag"

Chris found a nice seat to enjoy the sail (and even got in an on-deck workout)

For Chris' mom+stepdad, recognize that farm? The Columbia operation was up the road from there.

At anchor, with dinner in the oven!

Sunset beercan race


  1. Amazing! I am still completely in AWE of your adventure! Give a hug to your wife for me!

  2. Hey Chris, Looks wonderfully fun and beautiful! Will miss you in class. Hugs to you! Lea Ott


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