Still working on the boat in Ventura

Is this an incredible sunset or what?

More sunset and other Ventura pictures below, but first...

While installing the new engine mounts and replacing the shafts, the boatyard discovered a cracked shaft log at the shaft packing (this is a fiberglass tube where the propeller shaft goes through the hull - basically it's part of what keeps the ocean outside the boat). Dale and Tom have worked out a solution, though we'll be here probably through the end of the week until they can get some new shaft seals sized for the fixed and beefed up shaft log. All part of boat maintenance and having projects done on parts of the boat that probably haven't been looked at for over 10 years!

We've done a number of additional projects that we planned to do eventually, but we've had the time to do it now, so making some progress on various projects around the boat.

I will have to say that this is a good place to be stuck on the hard. Ventura Harbor Boatyard has been great to work with, and there's laundry and showers near our corner of the yard. Plenty of restaurants close by, though we are glad we've found the cheap burrito place so we've had a place to get massive quantities of good, inexpensive food when the mood strikes us to go out.

Here's a few more pictures from Ventura...

From sunrise to sunset of the same view:

And the rental car tucked safely away in "the garage" for the night. Monohullers - don't try this! :-) :

And finally, more pictures of the incredible sunset:


  1. Great picture Scott. It sounds like you're realy enjoying yourself.

  2. I missed the green flash - D'oh!


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