Well, here we are - It's time to start our cruise!

The time to start our voyage is finally here! Four years of planning, three years of working on the boat, lots of projects, lots of work, and more money than most people could believe into the boat. But here we are, the night before we untie the lines from THIS dock for the last time and head out without coming back within a few days.

I don't think you can adequately explain how much preparation work is required to anyone who hasn't done it. The amount of stuff you have to get rid of, the number of projects to do, the lifestyle changes required, all the details of personal life that we take for granted but now have to be planned in advance. All these things are a huge amount of work, and require a significant leap of faith. This is the point so many people never get to. They spend years planning on going cruising, and working to get the boat ready, but never go.

Here's the secret - the boat will never be ready. Get the big projects done, and the rest can be done along the way. Start the lifestyle changes now - I suspect this is the biggest hurdle for many people. You have to get rid of your stuff, simplify your life, and reduce your expenses so you can start saving money. You don't really need that iPhone or Android. Slower internet access is cheaper. Your old car is fine. You can cook more of your own meals. Simplify... Simplify... Save...

Anyone can do this, whether you want to do it by boat, by RV, by car, plane, motorcycle, whatever. Pursue your dream, but that's not enough to make it happen - you need to actually make it happen. And it's easier than you think, you just need to start now, focus on the goals, and understand it will take a few years.

We grin when people think we must be somehow wealthy, or wonder how we can take six months off work to do this. We aren't special, nor do we really have that much money, quite honestly. We got rid of all our debt so we don't owe a single cent to anyone, we simplified our lives, we drastically reduced expenses, we squirreled away all the money that we could, and we stayed focused on "the plan". That's all it takes. Talking to other people who did the same thing helps a bunch. There are some good books on this, as well as internet forums, sites, and mailing lists worth checking out - whether it's cruising a sailboat or living simple.

Tomorrow we head up to Richardson Bay (Sausalito) for the night. Then it's out the gate and down to Half Moon Bay for a few days where we will link up with San Jose Sailing Club which we joined recently. We will update the blog and position reports when we can. If you would like to get an email whenever we update our position, let me know and I'll add you to our email mailing list.

We hope everyone enjoys our blog updates and follows along with our travels.

We have given various contact info to most of our close friends and family. If you would like to get all our contact info and direct email addresses, phone, and so on, please add a comment to this blog and as long as you are someone we know, we'll pass along all the various info on how to reach us.

If you happen to be someone sailing down the coast of California, please look for Jane'O and hail us!


  1. Awesome! Way to go guys. Congratulations!

  2. You are right-- hard to describe how long that list is, or how many lists there are-- but one thing you know: Ready or not, when that ship sails you'll be on it! And part of you will probably never truly come home again, which is just OK!

    One day I hope we will be watching for you from our balcony on the Eastern side of the Atlantic (lol!).

    I think it's great you also made "the plan" stuck to it and off you go! Yes, it works. It takes guts, but it works.


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