Back in the water and cruising to Santa Cruz Island

Jane'O on her way back to the water

After almost two week on the hard at Ventura Harbor Boatyard, we finally are back in the water and on our way to the Channel Islands. Our plan is to go to Prisoner's Harbor on Santa Cruz Island for a couple of days, and then maybe to Anacapa for another day or two.

Ventura Harbor Boatyard had a bunch of guys working late to get our boat done Thursday evening so we would be first to splash on Friday morning.

Installing rudders:

Once we we checked all the shafts and sea cocks that were replaced for leaks, we fueled up, paid our big boatyard bill, and headed out of Ventura towards the islands!

Ventura Harbor Boatyard was great and we recommend them without any hesitation. Everyone was great and easy to work with. VHBY has no problem with you doing whatever amount of work you want, which is really great. They understand that as cruisers, the boat is our home, and really went out of their way to make sure all was well, that we had power, access to bathrooms and showers, etc. If you are near Ventura and need boat work, or can make this a stop along the way, this is the place to go!

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