Catalina Island is just fabulous!

We are having a fantastic, relaxing time at Two Harbors on Catalina Island. The weather has been warm, if windy and foggy at times.

We met Jack, another former crew member from Jane'O (he was even wearing a Jane'O hat!). And today ran into Nick, the broker again. It's a small world, but appreciate all the people from the boat's life that we keep running into and meeting!

We also saw Karina C once again, and chatted with them a bit. They are the only other Baja Haha boat we've seen here on this side of the isthmus (there's one in Cat Harbor). Sounds like there have been quite a few more Haha boats going through Avalon, but we'll be skipping that as our new fridge is being shipped to Oceanside this week.

With the weekend over, and maybe 1/10th as many boats now, it's very quiet compared to Friday and Saturday!

Not really any stories to tell, we've just been relaxing and having a great time. With the fridge turned into an icebox, we just have to buy ice every couple of days, but it's really not a big deal at all.

Here's a few more pictures:


  1. Nice pics! We never get tired of seeing sailboats at anchor... beautiful!


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