Fridges and things in Oceanside

We arrived in Oceanside on Tuesday afternoon, after a mellow motoring from Catalina - not a speck of wind, and seas were flat. The new fridge was delivered right to the marina gate, thanks to Defender, and Scott spent Wednesday installing it, so once again we have full refrigeration.

We plan to be here for a few more days, if we can find room. The Yacht Club has a limit on how long we can use the guest dock, so we may move over to a municipal dock for the last bit of our stay, if they have room for us. Oceanside Yacht Club has been great and we really appreciate how well they support cruisers! We have a rental car and plan to do as much of our final big provisioning as we can, while we've got a dock and car to make things easy. Once we get to San Diego we will most likely have to anchor, and it's much harder getting groceries and stuff aboard via dingy. Also hope to meet up with various family in the general San Diego area since we've got wheels.

We have also met a couple more Baja Haha boats here on the guest dock with us - Enchantress and Double Dharma - and there's at least three or four other Haha boats in the marina whom we haven't yet met. Once again, everyone we've met from a Haha boat have been really nice, friendly, and helpful folks.

That about covers things for now, here's a few more pictures of Catalina Island to share...

Cat Harbor on the opposite side of The Isthmus

Cool submarine

Fog rolling across the island

Nice, even line of masts

Neat ship Tole Mour came into Two Harbors

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  1. I hope we can see you! Got Chris's e-mail and please keep us posted as to where you are and I hope it works out. Send us a grocery list...


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