Goodbye USA!!!

At 11AM,  the starting gun for the 2010 Baja Haha fires to start the rally for the fleet of 196 boats to head to Mexico!

We'll be offline until at least November 5th, but very possibly even a day or two after that - however we will send position reports via satphone every day or so, which automatically get published to our yotreps (you know about the Location tab above, right!?!?!

Let me say that again (since many readers of our blog aren't aware) - the Location tab above has a map updated via our position reports. And if you are one of the many family and friends who get our email updates, you'll continue to get those as well!

So CLICK HERE to get to our Location page whenever you are curious about where we are, and we'll blog again from Mexico once we have internet! It's going to be a GREAT TRIP!

Scott's sister and family came by Saturday which was really nice and we had a nice dinner out, our last Chinese food for a few months!

Here's some pictures of the crew and Jane'O all ready to go:

Note the lack of remaining waterline, and that's after we repainted it higher! Yep, we are loaded!!

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