Off to Catalina Island

We had a busy, but good visit to Redondo Beach and today we are headed for Catalina Island.

While in Redondo Beach we met up with a number of people, which was really great.

Since Jane'O spent many years in Redondo Beach, many people here know her.

We met up with Peter and Pam, who sailed on Jane'O with the previous owner. Really great people, and we again ran into Peter and a buddy by coincidence for dinner last night, so got to spend some more time as well. Peter enjoyed a tour of the boat, seeing the new things, remembering the old things (and the things he fixed and installed), and relived some old memories. We got to see a bunch of pictures of Jane'O and crew in Mexico, which was just awesome.

We also spoke on the phone with Jane - the "Jane" in Jane'O, who had the boat two owners ago, which was a lot of fun. We hope to meet up with her the next time we are in town.

As if that wasn't enough, while Peter was here Scott got to talk to Emma, who's family spent lots of time on Jane'O. Emma and family are just about to complete circumnavigating the world on Blue Sky!

And to top off the evening, we got to spend a couple of hours with our friend John, who Scott worked with about a decade ago, and who happens to live "relatively" (the LA definition) close by.

So it's been a great visit to Redondo Beach with a busy social calendar. Today we head to Catalina Island, and from what we understand we can expect to run into more people who know Jane'O well! She had a mooring on The Isthmus, and spent much time there...

We don't know when the next update will be, but if no wifi in Catalina, then please catch up with us again next week!


  1. So, inquiring minds want to know how the refer repair/installation went????

    Glad everything is going good, have a good time at Catalina.

  2. Fridge will get installed in Oceanside next week (they had to ship it from Connecticut)... Don't worry, there will be a blog and pictures of it, I'm sure - so nobody misses out on the fun! :-)


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