Passage by Anacapa Island

Early Monday morning the swell in Prisoner's Harbor had gotten pretty nasty. The forecast called for Northwest wind and swells, with a gale warning for the outer islands. This was not the anchorage to be in for such weather, being fully exposed to the North. We decided to pull anchor and head towards Anacapa to find better shelter. It seems this was a good decision, as we later heard over the VHF that a boat anchored next to us had dragged into the rocks on the beach. We understand they were towed back to Ventura and hauled at the boatyard we just left a few days earlier. At least we know that's a good place to have the boat fixed! We sincerely hope that all turned out OK for them and damage, if any, was not extensive or serious.

Based on the weather, we decided to transit the South side of Anacapa Island. The cruising guide we have shows several anchorages along the Southern coast of Anacapa - but we quickly discovered them to be anchorages only in the broadest definition! Maybe in fair weather, but not with what was coming - so we made the decision to continue on to Redondo Beach.

Along with the weather, our refrigerator had also stopped working. The fridge is pretty old, with parts no longer readily available, so the sooner we could get to Redondo Beach, the sooner we could arrange to get a new fridge. Too bad it hadn't died during the two weeks we were hauled in Ventura, but that's just not the way it worked, unfortunately! There's more to the fridge story, along with a ridiculous experience in trying to get one from West Marine - but that's a rant deserving it's own blog post...

We were really bummed in the change of weather, as we weren't yet done with the Channel Islands! We'll visit Catalina soon, but that's a whole different experience than the more distant islands.

Rugged and beautiful

Between East and Middle Anacapa

The famous Anacapa arch

Goodbye Channel Islands!

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