San Diego

Well here we are! Our final port of call in the USA, San Diego! Monday the fleet of 196 Baja Haha boats heads to Mexico! Check out various San Diego news stations (online for those not in San Diego) for pictures and video - there will be media coverage as we parade the San Diego waterfront!

The trip from Mission Bay isn't very far - just a few hours, but of course things are never that simple, right? As we are leaving Mission  Bay, dodging crab/lobster pots and HUGE patches of kelp and seaweed, it starts to rain. That's about when the overheat alarm on one of the engines goes off, due to a shredded water-pump/alternator belt. That's the good thing about having two engines, at least we were able to keep going and get safely into clear water, before Scott climbed down into the engine room to replace the belt (fortunately an easy job).

Following us out of Mission Bay, and through the pots and kelp was another catamaran, French-flagged. I hope they weren't following us assuming we knew the best path! But we both made it through.

Point Loma also has massive kelp fields and pots - requiring going 2-3 miles offshore to avoid most of it.

We are now safely tucked away in a marina on Harbor Island. We didn't expect to be able to find a slip, especially with our wide beam, but we lucked out - calling at just the right time after another boat had cancelled their reservation.

We really enjoyed coming into San Diego with all the cool military boats, helicopters, and planes that we saw (and heard!) constantly the whole way up the channel. We've got some video to put together of this, so look for another blog post soon!

Point Loma

San Diego
We saw Profligate near the fuel dock. Profligate, the green and white catamaran, is the "mother ship" of the Baja Haha, owned by the publishers of Latitude 38:


Profligate, behind the power boat (+1 artistic)
Here's a toy every boat owner needs, but Chris already told Scott and Jacob that they can't have one:

Flying Dingy?

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