We have a stowaway!

While cruising across Santa Monica Bay, about 10 nautical miles out from Redondo Beach, Jacob noticed we had a stowaway aboard!

Stowaway! Hidden underneath the dingy
This fat little guy had taken refuge underneath the dingy, coming along for the ride. We don't know how long he had been there - maybe just a few minutes, maybe for hours. He slept for about 45 minutes on this line, and then spent the rest of the run into Redondo Beach catching and eating flies, much to our amusement. He wasn't the least bit scared or concerned about us, as he flew around - landing on our feet, shoulders, even standing on the wheel for a few seconds. At times he would fly off the side of the boat and return with a fly in his mouth. Once he flew behind us and struggled for 30 seconds or so trying to catch back up to us, with us laughing at the poor little guy flying as hard as he could to catch up.

Once we made the turn around the breakwater into the harbor, he took off and flew directly to shore. Thanks for all the laughs, little buddy!

From our bird chart, we think he's a California Gnatcatcher. If so, the name suits him well, as he caught and ate at least a dozen flies during his time aboard. No wonder he was so fat!

Look close, he's sitting next to Chris


  1. Nik, it was a bit chilly and foggy, but not too bad!


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