A wet and rainy day in Redondo Beach

Today it's a wet and rainy day in Redondo Beach, where we are tied to the King Harbor Yacht Club guest dock.

The yacht club has been really great, and some of the members know Jane'O, as we bought her in Redondo Beach, and she was berthed here for many years. In fact we've spoken to her namesake and former owner, who we hope to meet during our visit - and we are having lunch with Peter, who sailed on her with another former owner, Dave. Yesterday we spent some time with Nick, the broker who sold her to us. It's kind of fun being in Jane'O territory and meeting people who know her!

We've met Jay and Anita on Karina C, Baja Haha participants also staying at the yacht club. The trend continues - every Haha boat and crew we've met on our journey South have been nice and wonderful people!

We learned that Jane'O has spent many a weekend at Catalina, so I'm sure she knows the way there when we depart for Two Harbors in the next day or two...


  1. Glad to see you back on-line. Sounds like a pretty good time (except for the weather).

    Miss you guys, wish I was there, instead of here looking at a computer screen all day.

  2. Thanks Chuck! Actually I wish were still out at the islands with no internet and no reason (nor power) to fire up the computers... The rain looks to be breaking up and I see some blue sky, which is a good sign!


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