Bahia de los Muertos

Bahia de los Muertos was our next anchorage. This is traditionally called the Bay of the Dead, but in order to make it sound more appealing to developers selling real estate around the new golf course, it has been renamed to Bahia de los Suenos - the Bay of Dreams.

Muertos is a wonderful, beautiful bay, although not nearly as primitive as Frailes. Many houses are being built here (they have electricity), and there is a hotel and a great little cantina where we spent a couple of afternoons that turned into evenings over food and drinks with other Baja Haha'ers we've been cruising in lock-step with.

We left Muertos for Balandra and decided to fish using a lure that Valparaiso gave us, and we went from being skunked after days of fishing to having fish-on within 5 minutes! It was a small Black Skipjack, about five pounds. Weird fish, the meat is black. 

Great cantina overlooking the anchorage

The beach

Anchorage. Houses are being built all on the hill

Jacob's skipjack! A small keeper at around 5 pounds

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