Bahia Los Frailes

Bahia Los Frailes is one of our favorite places so far in Mexico. It's on the rugged frontier inside Pulmo Reef National Park. Basically a fishing camp, although there are a few beautiful houses (but no electricity). The hotel closed some time ago, and there is otherwise not much here but miles of beautiful beach.

The bay (Friar's Bay) gets it's name from a large rock formation which, with enough imagination, looks like a bunch of Friars climbing up the mountain.

We did lots of swimming here, and had a few nice walks on the beach.

Note that there is now a fee of 50 pesos per-person per-day to use the park, which includes anchoring. Collection of the fees is not clear nor consistent - they went around to many boats to collect, but not all - and they didn't end up charging us the full charge. I guess they've found out how much cruisers like the anchorage and found a way to profit, not sure, but just a note to others planning to anchor here.

A few pictures from Bahia Los Frailes:

The anchorage from atop the sand dunes

Incredible sun rises every morning here

Beach and Friar's rock (all the way on the right)

Landscape across the dunes. Reminds me of Wyoming badlands

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