Bahia Tortuga

We had two nights in Bahia Tortuga before starting the next leg of the rally. On October 28th there was a great just-for-fun baseball game between town locals and the Haha fleet. It was a lot of fun, and piles of baseball gear was donated to the locals. We didn't get any pictures of the game, or the town - but it's a small Mexican town that has seen much better days. The folks of Turtle Bay are very friendly, and gave us lots of smiles and "Holas" as we walked around town.

October 29th was a beach party for the fleet, which was a ton of fun. It was a potluck with everyone from the fleet bringing a ton of food. We relaxed on the beach, and Chris went for a 4 mile run on the beach which she really enjoyed.

Some pictures from Bahia Tortuga:

The anchorage at Bahia Tortuga

Haha Beach Party

Haha Beach Party

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