Cabo San Lucas

We had a pretty relaxing time in Cabo, even though it's a busy place, as long as we stayed on the boat - despite constantly being buzzed in the anchorage by jet skis, parasailors, party boats, and pangas. Cabo itself is not a very inspiring or interesting city, as they go. It's hot, and way too touristy. You can't walk by anything without attempts to usher you into a restaurant with 2 for 1 drink specials, or asking if you need a taxi, or want to charter a fishing boat, or buy junk. "No Gracias" means NO, guys!

Still, we managed to get what we needed done - we are cleared into the country (except for the boat import which we can't do until La Paz anyway). We had all our laundry done, so we have fresh clothes to wear. We got a few provisions from the supermercado, and Chris and Scott walked 2 miles each way to the Wal-Mart for a few other things.

We were very happy to be leaving Cabo for a few quiet anchorages before our next stop in La Paz.

A word to Cabo San Lucas bound cruisers - the marina is VERY expensive, expect to pay US$125-150 a night. We stayed in the anchorage the whole time, which also is not free. Each anchored boat has to find their way to the port's API office and pay an anchoring fee, which depends on the size of the vessel. The actual policy on anchorage fees is not clear, nor is it easy to find the necessary information on where and how to pay.

Here's a few more pictures from Cabo:

The Cabo anchorage
Hotels... Hotels Everywhere!

The cape - neat rocks!


  1. Next time go up the road a bit to San Jose del Cabo...way more chill.

  2. The only reason we went to Cabo San Lucas is because that's the final leg of the Baja Haha, so all the boats go there - and we needed to clear into Mexico - otherwise we'd have just as well skipped it. San Jose del Cabo does have an under-construction marina, but no real anchorage and no other services are available.


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