Leg three of the Baja Haha

On November 3rd we started the final Leg, 180nm from Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas. This turned out to be quite an interesting leg due to some unusual Easterly winds of 25+ kts around the cape which made for some very slow and uncomfortable motoring (no sailing for us in these conditions). The swell and waves were huge, as we pounded into them, water splashing up between the hulls and all over the boat. Fortunately it was warm, no foulies needed! It took a maddeningly long time to round the cape, as the boat would crash down a wave and stop, and by the time the boat started to accelerate again, we'd be on the next wave. Finally, we made it around and got the hook down around 2:30PM off the beach in Cabo San Lucas!

We got Third Place in our division for the Haha!!! Which sounds really great, except that the worst you can do is Third Place! :-) Actually we did better than expected, honestly, as we sailed the entire Leg two, which we didn't really expect to do. As with most of the fleet, we were here to get to Cabo, and not in any competition.

The Baja Haha was great! We met lots of great people, and had a great time. It's a great group of people, pretty mellow for the most part, and pretty family friendly overall.

Sunrise over the Baja peninsula

Approaching Cabo San Lucas in lots of wind

Pounding through the waves

Cabo San Lucas Lighthouse

The Cabo San Lucas Arch

From the Haha Beach Party - People are selling things everywhere


  1. Great post & amazing photos to boot!

  2. Your trip makes me somewhat envious, but I think I would sink the ship if I were to attempt it. Have you caught any fish? What kind of whale was it?


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