We have arrived in La Paz!

Well here we are in La Paz! It's really crazy here because of the Baja 1000 race, which ended here a couple of days. There were loud parties until 2AM or later that last couple of nights (making it difficult to sleep), and then a parade started up around 8AM lasting well into the afternoon with bands, and music, and all that good stuff. We anchored off the Malecon - the waterfront road, so had a decent view of all the activities. Pretty crazy, and hopefully it will quiet down over the next few days. Though the parade was a lot of fun to watch...

Looks like we are stuck out in the anchorage. The marina in town is full, and one just on the outskirts, while having plenty of slips and end ties, won't accommodate our catamaran (even though we would fit just fine - they just won't let us rent the slips). As with Cabo San Lucas, anchoring in La Paz requires an anchorage fee paid via an API office. Marina La Paz has a nice dingy dock for 15 pesos a day, and then we can drop off our trash (and fill up water jugs if needed). We will keep trying for a slip as we have well over 1000 miles of accumulated salt buildup to wash off the boat! You have to have done some ocean cruising to really understand how much salt buildup you get on everything exposed to weather on the boat - and we do mean everything!

[UPDATE: We are now safely tucked into Marina de La Paz for the the next week or so. This will give us a bit better protection for the northern that supposed to blow in here later this week. Thank you SO MUCH Marina de La Paz for finding room for us.]

Yesterday afternoon we walked to a great supermercado and picked up about the max amount of food three people can carry a mile back to the boat without needing a taxi.

More from La Paz soon! We plan to be here until after Thanksgiving, which we plan to spend with some of the other Haha boats we've met and become good friends with.

Goofy statue

Yet another sky picture, over La Paz

La Paz from the anchorage

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  1. Great pictures! Hey post some pics of the family, too! I want to see your faces :)


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