Isla Partida - Hike up to the cave at El Cardonal

Next up was a hike to a cave up on the cliffs of the El Cardonal anchorage. The previous day Loose Pointer hiked up here and told us it was well with the climb - and it was quite a climb, both up and down!

From the cave we got a great vantage point for viewing an abandoned oyster farming operation. This bay has several rock structures just below the surface of the water. In the cave, there was some modern pictographs - looks like some kids had fun with paint. Tara and Casey, somehow I could see you two doing that when Adventure was in the Sea of Cortez a few years ago!

In the afternoon we moved on to El Candelero (The Candlestick) anchorage for a final (but unfortunately very rolly) night before heading back to La Paz for Christmas. El Candelero has some really neat rock structures in the shallow bay.

View from the cave

Modern "pictographs" in the cave

Abandoned oyster farm

Another incredible view

Looking up at the cave, it was steeper than it looks

El Candelero

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