Isla San Francisco

Our next stop was at Isla San Francisco. Again, just another incredible island with it's own unique features. The bay is large, with a big crescent shaped beach of white sand. Another popular anchorage, there were many boats here, in The Hook anchorage, as it's commonly referred to.

We hiked up one of the bluffs (getting some great pictures of Jane'O in the anchorage), and then along the ridge to the East side of the island, where there were lots of agates, shells, and more Sally Lightfoot crabs.

As mentioned before, the geology of the islands in the Sea of Cortez is just absolutely incredible. Each island is unique, but with some commonalities. For example the Eastern shores tend to be steep and rocky, with few beaches and coves. The Western shores tend to slope up out of the sea, with lots of coves and white sand beaches.

We explored the next little bay to the North, Caleta Las Cuevas, by dingy and kayak. It is sometimes used as a camp by conch fisherman. While nobody was there when we visited, there are thousands upon thousands of conch shells littering the bay and beach. This is a spot worthy of exploration, with some incredible volcanic rocks and lots of urchins and starfish.

Next we are heading up to the small village of Evaristo, as there is a small tienda and we need to purchase a few food items before returning to La Paz in a week.


  1. Gorgeous location!
    Well-written. You could submit to travel magazines.


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