Isla San Jose

Our next stop was Isla San Jose, where we anchored in La Amortajada (The Shroud). While not as beautiful an anchorage as most of the others, it's unusual and interesting in it's own right, and had good opportunities for beach combing.

There's a large mangrove swamp, which we tried to explore by dingy but the tide was already too low so we couldn't make it inside.

The beach is also unusual, as it's very steep and rocky - it looks exactly like a manmade levy. On the top are hundreds of dead puffer fish, along with sticks and various bits of trash - all of which we guess washed up during storms as it's well above the high-tide line.

The rays were really neat, in the evenings they would skip across the water and slap it, which is quite loud. We didn't get any video of it, but you can watch somebody else's video of the phenomenon here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b2pxGxCccg.

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