The Village of San Evaristo

Our next stop was the village of San Evaristo. This tiny village is nestled in between a small bay and some incredibly rugged mountains. The community fishes, has a number of salt evaporation ponds, and runs livestock - cows that we saw, but supposedly goats as well. A number of burros walked the streets, but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of them, although they were really, really cool to see, especially the babies.

The main reason we stopped in San Evaristo, other than being a nice anchorage, is because it's the closest tienda, or store, to The Islands. When cruisers need to stock up on more food, but aren't quite ready to go back to La Paz, this is where they go.

Here's a picture of the tienda:

You can see why at first we weren't sure if we were at the right place, but a small sign indicated that this was the "Super Mini", so we were at the right place. In fact, this is apparantly quite common for the tienda in small villages - which is just a room off of somebody's house. There is no electricity here, so it's dark inside. That also means there's no refrigeration - though a number of cold goods are kept on ice in an old, upturned refrigerator out on the front porch. Inside, they had a surprisingly good selection of various foods, including fresh vegetables. A truck comes twice a week from La Paz with a fresh load of groceries - and all the cruisers come into the anchorage and pretty well clean out the tienda within a couple of days of restocking.

This is the REAL Baja California, and it's a lot of fun!

The mountains around San Evaristo, as you can see from the pictures below, are just more incredible Baja landscape. There's a great picture of Pelicans inflight, which we happened to take by nothing more than chance. There are a LOT (and we mean a LOT) of pelicans in the Sea of Cortez. Their dawn and dusk fishing rituals are great to watch, though sometimes the loud splash they make when they dive into the water right next to the boat can be startling!

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  1. So lovely! What a fun experience, indeed

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