We made it! Well, most of the way, anyway...

We've made it as far as Ensenada... For us, the Baja Bash didn't begin until the night before Ensenada, as the rest of the trip, while bumpy at times, wasn't bad at all. We'll write more later, but for now here's a quick synopsis and a few pictures from along the way and of Baja Bash carnage...

Our initial plan was to go to Cabo, update our crew paperwork, and check out of the country. We found out that it was a holiday due to elections, so we elected (haha) to skip Cabo and just do our crew paperwork and check out in Ensenada (this turned out to be a bit of a fiasco, but the full story on that will have to wait for another time).

The run from Cabo to Bahia Santa Maria was a super easy and pleasant trip. We saw at least 15 whales, and seas and winds were nice.

Next, from Bahia Santa Maria to Turtle Bay wasn't too bad. It was a bit lumpier, with a bit of pounding and bridge deck slamming, but other than making it a bit hard to sleep, wasn't too bad at all.

In Turtle Bay we went ashore and poked around, eating a late lunch at Veracruz hotel restaurant, which was pretty good.

Turtle Bay to San Quintin got a bit rougher, but despite the crossings notoriety, it wasn't too bad, other than some pounding and slamming. Trying to anchor in San Quintin was a bit exciting, as we arrived after dark and headed for the 'preferred' anchorage (according to 3 guide books) only to find water depth suddenly drop from 16' to 7' in a matter of seconds - long before we were at the anchorage. We quickly turned the boat around searching for deeper water, and went to another area of the anchorage where we were able to safely put the hook down for the night. Coming into strange anchorages at night is no fun at all.

The exciting part of the trip was from San Quintin to Ensenada. During the afternoon the wind and seas really started to build, and we took a real pounding all night. During 6 hours overnight, we only made a total of 6 miles, at times actually getting blown backward for a few seconds after crashing down a wave. We took massive amounts of water over the bow, flooding the cockpit and blowing out our portside trampoline. By morning things started to calm and we made it to Ensenada in the afternoon.

Now, our additional crew has headed back home and we are deciding exactly on the best plan of action for the boat and us, as Scott has to be back to work in less than two weeks.

Ron and DeWayn - Thank you guys SO MUCH for crewing. We could not have made it without you, and really appreciate the both of you a ton!

Here's a few pictures:

San Jose del Cabo, our starting point for the bash

Goodbye Cabo

Krill found on deck one morning

Our fabulous crew


Trampoline carnage from big waves

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