Article and pictures published in June Latitude 38

I sent our May 7th blog entitled "Why you should do the Baja Haha" to Latitude 38 - and it was published in the June magazine along with a couple of pictures - including one of our favorites, taken by Dan from Loose Pointer, of Jane'O anchored in Cardoncito, our favorite little cove at Isla Partida in the Sea of Cortez.

You can read the entire June magazine for free at http://www.latitude38.com/ebooks.html

Dan, if you are reading this, we gave you full credit for the photo, although Latitude 38 didn't publish that bit.

The magazine asked for a picture of us as well, and we were a bit surprised that we only had 2 pictures of all three of us from our entire 6 month trip! Well, we know what we look like, but each of the 100's of sunsets and sunrises are unique!


  1. Hey Scott, it was great to see you guys in Lat. and as one of the naysayers who hasn't been (yet) I humbly defer to your great experience. Cheers, Cynthia s/v La Bonita

  2. :-) Everyone has different way of cruising, and that's what makes it great! Going slower and exploring more of the Pacific Coast of Baja is attractive, but at the same time the Sea of Cortez is so great that every day spent somewhere else is one less day spent there! But in the end, all I know is our experience, which is nothing but our experience, and nothing that should be defered to beyond that! Good to hear from you, happy cruising!


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