2 Years ago this Month - October

Here's a few pictures from October 2010 of Catalina and the start of the Baja Haha.

Two Harbors mooring field

Two Harbors mooring field

Cat Harbor

Jane'O at the start of the Baja Haha (photo credit unknown)

Valparaiso at the Haha start (photo credit unknown)

Some great sailing shots off San Diego


2 Years ago this Month - September

We thought it would be fun to post some pictures of where we were two years ago each month for the next six months - during our trip from California to Mexico and back.

Well, I know it's a bit into October, but I'm going to kick this off with a few pictures from September 2010 that we never posted before. Enjoy!

Chris and Jacob on a nice walk along the ocean.

Jane'O in Monterey

The crazy birds in Port San Luis

This boat looks forlorn now, but it's the Gentry Eagle - which holds the record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean  in 62 hours. She now sits in Ventura, converted to a luxury yacht and awaiting a new owner.

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