• About Jane'O
Jane 'O is a French-built Jeantot Privilege 39 catamaran. She's a great sailboat and home. Stout, fast enough, and comfortable - with plenty of space and storage.

This fantastic photo taken by Dan of Loose Pointer

  • Her History
We are the 4th owners of Jane'O, hull #28. As far as we have been able to research, here's a quick summary: Owner #1 was an Italian gentleman Niccolo who, as far as we can research, brought her across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, to Hawaii, and then to San Francisco. Owner #2, Jim+Jane brought her to southern California, and spent time with her in Mexico. This is where she gets her current name. Owner #3, Dave spent lots of time in California and Mexico with her, and touched many lives. We are proud and honored to be her next crew, as we've talked to various members of her previous crew who have loved and cared for her.
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